A note on Facebook privacy

We have recently decided to stop putting pictures of JB on Facebook. This is because we realised that there was no way to be completely sure that your pictures are only seen by those people you intend.

Of course, you can set the privacy level to be Friends-only which means that only your friends will see the picture on their streams. However, beneath each picture is the “share” button which allows anyone viewing the picture to add it to their stream.

Once it is added to their stream it is subject to their privacy settings, not yours – A quick review of some of my friends streams suggested that any of their new posts would be viewable by anyone in the world.

I suspect that most people would not see this as a big security issue, but we decided that there is enough to worry about these days and we didn’t want anything more. Plus it should encourage our friends to see us more often instead of just keeping in touch on Facebook!


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