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Dell Studio 1537 media panel problem

Although these laptops are getting a bit long in the tooth now, I bet there are still plenty out there in daily use (mine is) and suffering from the annoying media panel issue.

This is where the eject button keeps lighting and trying to eject media from the CD/DVD drive, even if it is empty – I think this affected the 1535, 1536 and 1537 Studio laptops. Generally this occurs following power on and can carry on for 10 minutes or so, until it magically stops.

At the time there were lots of suggestions about loosening screws behind the battery or taking the keyboard out and taping up various contacts. Suffice to say that none of these worked and the issue was fixed by a firmware update from Dell that specifically addressed this problem: Studio – Jammed Touch Sensitive Eject Button

It requires you to download a image file (.iso) and burn to a CD. You then boot your laptop from the CD and follow the on-screen prompts. This will update the firmware that runs the media panel. As reported in the thread, the fix works perfectly and I can confirm that there’s been no repeat of the problem since – 5 years and counting…