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Why does the nipper keep gagging herself?

It seems that just at the moment, JB’s favourite game is to shove her hand (or sometimes hands) as far into her mouth as possible and, more often than not, make herself throw-up.

Obviously for the parent, this is a right pain – especially at bedtime when you’ve got her all ready to put down and next thing you’re washing the carpet and having to change both of your clothes.

Unsurprisingly this is down to teething; which, at 7 months, JB is right in the middle of.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any clear method of putting a stop to this behaviour.  Common suggestions are to use teething toys, but this doesn’t seem to work for us – she’d much rather be munching on her hand than any plastic toy.  A more interesting idea was to put vinegar on her hands to deter putting them into her mouth.  This may be tried if it goes on for much longer – we’re washing at least one sleeping bag and often her bedding every day at the moment!

I’ll add an update if we find a resolution…

Update 10/06/2013
Although we didn’t find a definitive solution, I can happily report that JB seems to have stopped making herself sick so much; it lasted for a week or two and then stopped.

We are 99% sure that it was just while she was getting grief from a tooth that was pushing it’s way through – it appeared about 10 days later.