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Running Citrix with Ubuntu

I recently set up Citrix Receiver on the home laptop (which runs Ubuntu Linux) in order to connect to work.

After successful installation I found that once I was RDC’d to my desktop in the office something strange was happening with the display: it was as if the mouse pointer on the screen was really a bit below in reality; meaning that when you clicked, the area below the pointer was activated. This was a real pain when trying to do even the simplest things like read email and navigate round the desktop.

The problem is described further in this forum thread.

After some playing about, I found that in the Settings option of the Citrix Xenapp page you can configure the window size in which to run your application. This was set to “Seamless” which when active leaves the Ubuntu taskbar visible – I think this has something to do with why the pointer is offset.

It turns out (for me anyway) that setting this to “Full screen” prevented the mouse problem from occuring and meant I could view my work desktop as if I was sitting at the PC.

Whilst in full screen mode, you can use Ctrl-F2 then Alt-Tab to switch back to your Ubuntu desktop.